This tutorial is an introductory guide into differential Hi-C data analysis. It includes joint normalization of Hi-C data matrices and the detection of differential chromatin interactions. Preprocessing and extraction of Hi-C data matrices are introduced. Examples of downstream analysis of differentially interacting chromatin regions and guidelines on how to visualize and interpret the results are also provided.

Please, refer to the hic_tutorial.Rmd vignette for more details. This workshop is based on the Paper: Stansfield et al., “R Tutorial: Detection of Differentially Interacting Chromatin Regions From Multiple Hi-C Datasets.”. The workshop demonstrates functionality of the following R packages:

HiCcompareWorkshop pkgdown website - https://mdozmorov.github.io/HiCcompareWorkshop/

HiCcompareWorkshop Docker image - https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/mdozmorov/hiccompareworkshop

The tutorial has been developed to be presented at the Bioconductor Conference 2020, July 27-31 in Boston, MA.